Dear Readers

“Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations” There is a paradigm shift in the concept of a school. Gone are the days when the focus of a school was just academic excellence, now a school is committed to the holistic development of the students’ personality. It makes the students perpetual learners, critical thinkers and substantial members of the never changing global society. So our school provides an amalgam of scholastic and co-scholastic areas. There was a time when the utterances of a teacher were considered to be homiliesand children would counter their parents.Unfortunately, now a morally upright student has become a thing of the past. Cut-throat competition in life has given birth to a materialistic and self-centred individual. Here, the role of education becomes all the more vital to mould a child from a student to the productive unit of the society he belongs to and the country, at large. A good school motivates the late bloomers, moulds the mediocre and challenges the prodigies.

Every child is unique in one way or the other and we should always appreciate his individuality and explore his potential. My motto , as a Principalis to encourage every child and empower his strength. I try to provide a radiant environment, bright perspective and action filled environment.

The issue of Newsletter in hand would be a nice tool to help you to get the glimpses of the plethora of activities and achievements, in our school. I hope that students will not march out of the portals of Alchemy with tree leaves like degrees, they will be mature knowledgeable and creative individuals who will prove to be assets to the society.

In this pursuit of excellence , the parent fraternity has been exuberantly and incessantly, supporting the school in every aspect. I also, applaud the educators for their relentless efforts , giving their best to bring out the best in the children but I would always expect the children to be modest, humble and disciplined so that , as educators, we can expand their horizon of knowledge and learning and ‘can’ts in to cans and dream into plans’.

Thank you
Futuristically yours
Dr. Renuka Singh